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Door Hinge

Door hinges allow car or truck doors to open and close and also hold doors in closed position to the vehicle. They are located where the door attaches to the frame. There are two hinges for each door, an upper hinge and a lower hinge. Inside the hinge there is a circular pin that allows the hinge to swivel around the pin axis. Car door latches and hinges are door retention components.

Hinge is an assembly of components connected to the body of the vehicle and door, linked to each other and capable of rotating around the same axis. Nowadays two positioned latch systems are provided for the car locking. First is the fully latched position and the other is the secondary latched position. A sagging or misaligned car door is certainly a nuisance. After all, it can take multiple tries to get it to close properly, which can be time-consuming when you’re in a hurry to get to work or make an appointment on time.

It also increases the likelihood of property theft – both of your vehicle and its contents – because there is a higher possibility of accidentally leaving your car or truck unattended with an open door you thought you closed. A misaligned car door is also a safety issue in that it may pop open while your car is in motion.

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